Keep valuable assets in circulation

Your used furniture, fixtures and equipment can now get a new life, contributing to the circular economy and helping the community.


Premium Project Management

Unwanted furniture, fixtures and assets are resold, reused, recycled or donated to nonprofits and community groups.


Custom Solutions

Small steps have a big impact. Meet your ESG goals – reduce waste and carbon emissions, serve communities and allow nature to thrive.

Web-Access to Project Details

Our standardized process uses a proprietary web-based portal that provides real-time updates and detailed sustainability metrics and reporting.

My project manager has gone above and beyond helping me with some difficult jobs in different time zones. He calls me after normal hours to either advise me of issues or to let me know we are covered on certain things. He is a pleasure to work with and seems to really care about his clients.Highly recommend him!
– A contract furniture remanufacturer

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