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Avoid Greenwashing – Name It, and Measure It

In order to build trust, we have to accurately name things. That means, accurately measuring what you are doing to protect the environment.

Calling something “green” or “greener” or even “lower carbon” does not give anyone an idea of how good it actually is, without the context of how green it is or how much carbon the original had. Even a comparative “50% less” is meaningless without a base line.

That’s why Installnet is committed to providing the most accurate metrics for avoided emissions using the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Waste Reduction Model (WARM), which follows the GHG protocol. It also accurately reflects the costs avoided by the nonprofit and community groups who receive donated furniture and other items from our Ecoserv program. This data will be invaluable to companies as they document their carbon footprint across the supply chain, including emissions from diverting furniture and other waste from landfill.

This data will become even more important as the European Union and California require companies to report their greenhouse gas emissions – including from their supply chains. Last week California passed the first such law in the US, which awaits signature by Governor Gavin Newsom. Once signed, it will require public and private companies who do business in California to begin reporting by 2027 (California-based companies will be required to start reporting in 2026).

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