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Donation Recipient Spotlight: Germantown Elementary School

We can’t think of anything more gratifying than creating a space that encourages kids to read and learn! That’s what the donation of tables, chairs, bookcases and more from the Inter-American Development Bank did for Germantown Elementary School in Germantown, Maryland.

Instead of sending the furniture to landfill, IDB used Installnet’s Ecoserv program to assure the items stayed in circulation by sending them to the school and two other non-profit organizations in the DC area.

Media Specialist Angela Kaas shared these photos and gave us some insight on how they are using their new items:

✨”We are so thankful for the furniture. It has made a huge impact in the atmosphere of our library. You helped us make upgrades we could never have afforded on a public-school budget and the furniture is top quality.” 🏫 📚

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