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How to Decommission an Office: Q&A with Washington Business Journal

With more and more office buildings going unused, or used just a few days a week, there is growing interest in more sustainable options for all the desks, chairs, tables and other office furniture left in those offices. Installnet CEO, Dale Ewing and David Cox of JK Moving Services recently spoke with Carolyn Proctor at Washington Business Journal for an insider look at how to decommission an office sustainably.

There is a huge need to raise awareness of the opportunities to sell, recycle or donate furniture, fixtures and equipment when offices are decommissioned, delivering value to the business and the community. Facilities managers may not be aware of these options, which help businesses meet their zero waste and carbon reduction goals.

If you’re interested in getting zero done™ by diverting office furniture, fixtures and equipment from landfill, with credible, reliable metrics, give us a call.

Photo credit: JK Moving Services

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