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Office Furniture Goes from Trash to Treasure

The world is finally waking up to the benefits of recycle and reuse – trash to treasure. As the Wall Street Journal notes, double-digit growth for landfill operators means long-overdue investment in recycling infrastructure and processing, which benefits all of us. The focus is on consumer goods and packaging now, but the innovation and investment will spread to other sectors. In the furniture industry, for instance, we need solutions for laminate surfaces and treated wood products.
Corporations looking to reduce their carbon footprints understand that reducing waste is critical and increasingly that includes workplace furniture, fixtures and equipment they no longer need. They’re turning to our Ecoserv program to help ensure these unwanted items stay in circulation through resale, recycling or donation to nonprofits and community groups.
The U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that cutting the amount of waste we generate by just 5% could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10.2 million Metric Tons of Carbon Equivalent (MTCE). Increasing our national recycling rate from its current level of 27% to 35% percent would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by another 11.4 million MTCE. Together, this is equal to eliminating the emissions produced each year from the electricity powering an estimated 12 million households.

For us, the choice is clear. Together, we’re getting zero done. Join us.

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