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Offices are Half Empty, Except For All that Furniture

As a leader in sustainable office furniture decommissions, we are often caught between the competing company priorities; facility managers goals to tear down as quickly and economically as possible, and the company sustainability goals to reduce waste and carbon emissions. These needs are often at odds, made more difficult by a lack of advance notice, rushed planning and little awareness of what it takes to keep furniture and other unwanted assets out of landfill where their decomposition contributes to the company’s environmental footprint and risks.
Similar tensions exist for the building industry, which has started to shift from traditional demolition towards deconstruction, selectively dismantling buildings to reuse, recycle, and manage construction materials.
With office occupancy hovering at about 50% across the country, and vacancy rates climbing to levels not seen since 2010 during depths of the financial crisis, the need for emptying out unused office space has never been greater. At the same time, there is a growing demand to do so without creating more waste and generating emissions, as companies face new pressures (from regulators, investors, customers and even their own employees) to reduce and report their environmental and community impacts. Our Ecoserv teams that help companies meet these needs have never been busier.
But it’s challenging work. Leases don’t factor in the costs of sustainable decommission. Finding and connecting with organizations that need useful desks, chairs, tables, work surfaces, white boards and more takes time, effort and coordination. Many items, like laminated work surfaces, are not easily reused or recycled. As an industry, it’s time for us to come together to maximize the opportunities and solve the challenges. Manufacturers, commercial real estate companies, developers, designers, recyclers, installers, community leaders and corporate sustainability leaders need to work together to identify the barriers to sustainable decommissions and develop and test solutions.
As The New York Times documented in this rare behind-the-scenes look, there are many challenges the construction, development, real estate and furniture industries face as we work to address climate change.

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