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That’s A LOT of Chairs, Desks and Tables

This week Ecoserv, hit an important milestone – diverting more than 45 million pounds of surplus furniture, fixtures and equipment from landfill since 2012!

That’s a lot of desks, chairs, tables, couches, light fixtures, file cabinets and other stuff still in circulation thanks to clients interested in tackling climate change and serving their communities. That’s a lot of NEW commercial furniture that did not have to be manufactured and sold.

Just how much is 45 million pounds of furniture waste?

🔥 It’s equivalent to the CO2 emissions from almost 90 million pounds of coal burned; or

🚀 The combined weight of all the successful moon landing rockets (6 rockets went to the moon, landed and returned, each Saturn V rocket weighing 6.89 million pounds); or
🐋 184.5 blue whales; or

✈ 4.5 Boeing 747s

It’s a lot. And we’ve just started.

Congratulations to our amazing team, our network of 350 installation companies, our resale partners, recyclers, and more than 2,500 nonprofits and community groups who received donations.
We’re getting zero donewill you join us?

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